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Arc of Time

We dance into the dream time to honour where we come from and dream where we will go, with embodied awareness of the aliveness of life now. This workshop is an opportunity to come into the sparkling freedom of the dance of the now. Grounded and awake in the present we can extend this generous dancing awareness back into the past, to acknowledge the journey that led from the first life to now, through all our ancestors. In feeling and honouring this long time line we may find a new sense of orientation, connection, support and dignity. And then we turn our attention to dreaming for the future, for ourselves and our lives and for those who come next. Allowing the sunlight of possibility, and asking for guidance from the highest source, we let ourselves dare to dream of that which is congruent with our soul’s deep desire.

I found it a powerful experience and felt completly safe, held and contained in his wise strong but gentle words and way. Loved the journeys and feel so refreshed! Thought I would be exhausted but here I am up and ready for work writing to you at 6.54!!!Francine Swaby



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