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Ceremony in the City

Do you have life questions, direction questions, questions of the heart, next step questions? In many native cultures you would go off into the wilds on a vision quest to seek vision, wisdom and guidance alone under the great sky. In Ceremony in the City we create a dancing vision quest in the wilds of the city, remembering the power of earth, which still throbs beneath the city.

Letting go of our masks and embracing our questions, we dance deep, seeking the vibrant nature of our inner landscape, the great skies of inner vision and the courage to find our own inner compass. The dance becomes moving medicine that joins the intelligence of body, heart, mind and soul with the beating heart of life itself. As we let go into the dance of our quest, we ask for guidance from that which guides us and strength from the spirit of the dance. What this brings is unknown and is born of an intimate meeting with the self. We often find ourselves graced with a deeper knowing, a renewed seeing, and clearer vision about what is really aligned with our true purpose.

Come and dance with your life. Ceremony in the City is held within a non-religious paradigm, where all life is sacred and each of us is respected as a unique being with something to offer life. You are welcome!