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Circle and the Sword

An invitation to awaken, explore and dance the polarities within you: feminine and masculine, being and doing, receiving and giving, strength and softness, mother and father, yin and yang. This potent, simple and beautiful work will help you dissolve self-imposed limitations and widen your inner spectrum of possibility. Through embracing apparent opposites, and dancing in the aliveness of the space between them, you can open the gateway to the energy of creation and life itself.

The Circle & the Sword will support you to:
• Connect with the archetypal energies of yin and yang, and of the divine feminine and divine masculine within
• Relax, let go and find a deep acceptance of who you are
• Strengthen the fiery passion in you that longs to express itself fully and unleash the power to become all you can be
• Give space for a conscious meeting between these forces in order to bring the power of healing and creation to the places in the psyche where it is needed

This workshop is based in the joy of shared, conscious dance. When we access more of the whole spectrum of possibility within ourselves and between us, life becomes a fluid and magical dance. We can respond freely to life, play in the mystery and rest in the zero point at the very centre of existence.

So true, strong and compassionate. Wow, three days of sweating, praying and magic dance!Kristin Glenwinkel - Oct 2012
Thank you all too so so much for the weekend. I found it deeply profound, beautifully simple, totally safe and containing and sparkling with pure clear loving healing energy. I seemed to of the music with far more clarity than before and that made movement more effortless than before! Susannah you are just magical in the way you do this work and in weaving constellations into all of this. A big piece of the great jigsaw of life has clicked into place for me and on Friday I asked for balance and got it and some! I feel far more connected to the divine masculine and the divine feminine as well as their connection to each other which makes me feel more whole, confident, energised and the zest for life just more clearer! I want to tell others miss this workshop and miss out! Francine Swaby - June 2011

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