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Dare to Dream

Yin means to listen deeply to what is true and to find acceptance of your condition. Yang means to find the courage and the commitment to get behind yourself and take consistent and congruent steps in the direction of your dreams. To be a dreamer who manifests and not just a dreamer who dreams, we need to find a dynamic, embodied balance of these two apparently contradictory forces on the dance floor and in the dance of life.

This workshop will focus on the yin and yang of the dance and the art of manifesting one’s dreams, both on the personal level (i.e. the practicalities of life such as work and money) and the sacred level (i.e. the meaning of our lives, who we are and what we are here for).

The underlying intention behind this workshop is to recognise our selves as co-creators in this life and to act with an increased awareness of the bigger picture for ourselves, each other, and for all our relations.

Forthcoming dates: to be decided.


Dare to Dream – Dec 14