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darkness-to-lightDarkness to Light

As the year turns, we invite you to come and meet in the cauldron of the dance and find out what has been brewing in the darkness and quiet of the winter months. At the first light of spring, our ancestors used to dance, sing and pray for a good year ahead. In this workshop, we will do the same as we dance to bring healing to the past, new energy to the present, and inspiration for the future.As dancers we have the capacity to become sensitive to the ancestral stories we carry within us. These stories need to be told. They are our inheritance. They carry teachings and blessings as well as pain and undigested experiences. Through the dance, we can witness, honour and transform these stories so that they become a source of strength to us in the present.

On the Saturday night, we will do the Long Dance ceremony, dancing through the night to pray and give thanks for the return of the light. The Long Dance is an exquisite opportunity for healing and dreaming on an individual and collective level.

From Darkness to Light is an opportunity to engage in a deep dancing of journey of personal renewal through Movement Medicine practice. It is open to beginners and to experienced practitioners of all ages and abilities. The only prerequisite you need is the willingness to move and the courage to dare to dream.

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