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The heart has an electro-magnetic field over 5000 times greater than the brain’s. It beats more than 100,000 times a day. It has an extraordinary power and it is the seat of our vulnerability. The human being who has learnt to dance with their feelings rather than be danced by them is so much more alive, creative and dynamic in all areas of their life. Your heart holds many stories and dreams, all of which you are capable of transforming into high-energy fuel for positive action and living the dream you came here to live.

In E-Motion, you will:
• Learn how to ground your feelings and let them awaken rather than overwhelm you
• Dance with the emotional intelligence and animal instincts you were born with
• Experience the teachings of the Four Chambers of the Heart
• Meet the Wise Elder within you who knows about the power of love.

The heart is the second gateway of the Movement Medicine mandala. Our work in this gateway integrates recent research into brain function and animal behaviour, with the experience of 20 years of studying, teaching and living with the wild unpredictability of the dance of the heart.

FORTHCOMING DATES: to be confirmed


Toad Moved Inside Me – Jan 2010
Heart Dinner – Jan 2010