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The elements are an intrinsic part of life; both inside us and in everything. In our modern world, it is easy to forget how earth, fire, the waters and air gift us with life. Dancing consciously with them connects us with the vigor of being alive and the intimate interconnectedness
of all things.

As we dance, and allow the elements to become our teachers, we open the door to new elements of ourselves, helping us to re-balance, and become more connected and whole. We discover the power of gratitude, and can bless ourselves, each other and our planet home with this awareness.
The Isle of Sylt is a place of intense elemental energies. We have the sea, the dunes, a huge sky and a beautiful
dancefloor where we will meet and dance with the elements in their wild form. We will dance, inside and outside, and we will sing, as we welcome in the elemental dance of life.
Please note: this workshop is catalytic and is suitable for those able to take responsability for their own process.

forthCOMING DATES: to be confirmed