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for-all-our-relationsFor all our Relations

We invite you to:
• Be part of an event that will remind you of the possibility we all have to
create something of real beauty and value in this world
• Take a leap of faith and imagination that will give you confidence in your ability to manifest your dreams
• Take practical and creative action to transform yourself and the world we live in
We will dance deeply to connect to the five elements and their guardians, and to:
• Find our ground and strengthen our roots
• Nourish and honour the fire within and the passion to dare to dream
• Wash and purify the mind of outmoded ideas, stories and beliefs that no longer serve us
• Find an enduring connection to the visions and inspirations that serve the highest purpose we are here to contribute, for ourselves and all our relations
• Participate in the blessing of a magical night-time ritual, and of creating something of lasting value together as a circle
Embodying and giving thanks for your deepest aspirations and experiencing them as present now, is a core principle in the art of manifesting your dreams. We will create a strong circle and prepare ourselves for a sponsored Long Dance on the Saturday night. The Long Dance, developed by Ya’Acov over the past 15 years, is an invocation and a direct experience of our connection to all of life. Ceremony supports us to open our hearts and to see our own lives, healing and hopes in the wider context of relationship to our ancestors, culture, environment, and the spirit that moves through all things.

It is traditional to have a collective focus as well as a personal focus for ceremony and making offerings or “give-aways” has always been part of ceremonies like the Long Dance. Our prayers are strengthened by what we give back. Therefore, all dancers in the Long Dance Ceremony will be invited to raise sponsorship money from their friends and families so that as well as raising energy, the ceremony will raise significant funds to support projects that reach out at a local, national and international level. This ensures that our work together will also have positive impact beyond our immediate circle. All funds raised will be go to environmental and social projects. Please feel free to contribute what you can to this part of our work together. Whether you raise £10 or £10,000 is not the point. It is the intention to give back with as much generosity as you can that matters. This work is part of your preparation for what promises to be a very powerful Movement Medicine ceremony. Further details about this will be sent to you with your confirmation.

In the workshop a miracle happened to me: I suddenly observed the room and all the people as one ever changing piece of art. At the same time I felt my feet securely on the ground and my upper body felt light as a feather. I felt open space, both in and outside my physical body, in a way I’ve never felt before. The most miraculous thing has been that I’ve been able to maintain the sensation even after the workshop! I’ve been walking around sensing the support of the Mother Earth under my feet. I’ve been looking up and dancing in the midst of my ordinary life. I have realized though that as I now want to sustain and increase the Joy of my dancing body I must change everything.Sini Vuorialho, Doctor, Finland
Not just mind, but everything blowing!!!I I came with no set expectations, so it’s hard for me to ‘benchmark’ what I experienced. From Christian’s usual excellent standard of organisation to the space itself and what was created both in the dance, the art/installations and the ceremony was inspirational. Ya’acov; what a man you are! Grounded in generosity of spirit and humour, free with wit and wisdom (I felt like I was present at a very acceptable benign version of a ‘sermon’), emanating warmth and genuine accessiblity. I felt one hundred per cent at peace with your style and way of being, feeling like I was a hand slipped into a perfectly tailored glove of the rarest and most finely wrought filigree silver, lined with the deep ease of dark purple velvet. And what I learned about gratitude! Man, I thought I had learned – and was practising – gratitude, and I was, but somehow the level has changed – it’s sunk deep into my heart in a way that feels permanent. Thank you brother.Rob Hider, Creatively Inspired Human Being

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