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We will dance with the dynamic relationship between yin and yang. Through intensive Movement Medicine practice, we will deepen our capacity to listen, to receive and to hold, as well as increasing our capability to express, communicate and take decisive action. Exploring Yin energy gives us roots and provides the ground of acceptance. Yang energy moves us forward and encourages us to evolve and reach for our highest possibility. These energies are the building blocks of creation and the clearer each becomes in our dance, the more potent the charge between them will be. The coming together of these two forces and the process that this catalyses is the dance of Fusion.

Through harnessing this power, and invoking the spirit of the dance, ideas, emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us fall away like old skins. Most importantly, Fusion makes more space for the original blueprint of the soul to be revealed. It liberates the energy to experience the deep relaxation of being yourself and simultaneously feel the passion to become all that you can be.
When you are this connected to the life energy that is moving through you, you experience the power and subtlety of your relationship to the wider web of life and the divine and become empowered to recreate your life in harmony with your highest purpose.

I did this workshop last year in Antwerp and was moved deeply by it. I truly experienced the blending of energies there, and it has been a fruitful process of balancing and healing since. It inspired a very new connection with my feminine energy, Mother Earth and in effect my own mother. It changed the role the Yang qualities and energies had in my llfe…The way I feel, speak,move, connect is no longer pretty male orientated..Being an urban girl I was in a “warrior mode” for a long time and for all the wrong reasons… Fusion truly changed that.Vanessa Baddeley, Teacher/Art Therapist
Thank you for your committment to spirit, for listening with such attention and humility for the next word. Thank you for being anchored in the centre of your aliveness for these days.. Thank you for risking humour and reverence, for dancing with such precision the line of leading and empowering those of us looking to learn from you. Thank you for very funky, honest and varied music. Thank you for honouring so carefully those others who created the crucible for the weekend with you. Thank you for giving permission, and holding faithful space for expansion and flight, whilst also dripping a consistant stream of practical reminders and tools for return and integration. And thank you for reminding me to keep thanking all; the 21 thank life salute at the beginning of the day feels like a mighty sword for presence and dream realising. Eliza Kenyon, Voice Facilitator



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