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Heart in the City

Heart in the City

Singing and Dancing for embodied resilience in these challenging times

with Susannah Darling Khan

This Movement Medicine weekend weaves together the creative power of expressive dance with the music medicine of shared song. Whether you know yourself as a singer, a dancer, or neither, you are warmly invited to come and explore beyond the “you” you already know. Beyond the comfort zone are creative possibilities and resources waiting to be explored.

Throughout the world and throughout history, song and dance have played a fundamental part in human culture. They are part of our birthright. The practice of harmony singing and improvisation simultaneously celebrates and develops our capacity for both diversity and unity, leadership and solidarity. We learn to make sound and to listen; to be distinct and part of one sound.

Your body is the instrument for your voice. When the body is dynamically free, pliant and mobile, your voice arises naturally from this inner spring of aliveness. The mutual relationship between song and dance is recognised in many indigenous cultures around the world. When we make these connections, the fertile fields of our dance, our hearts and our communities are watered with rivers of song.

In this weekend, you will explore the moving wisdom of your full-bodied dancing intelligence and invite this to nourish the capacity your heart has to sing. The harvest is the strengthening of your own individual voice, and increased capacity for resilience, co-creation and shared joy. Movement Medicine and the medicine of music challenge the paradigm of separation and remind us of the interconnected nature of the web of life and our unique place in it.

Forthcoming dates: to be decided