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Holy Trinity Generic

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is an opportunity to bring us back to the kinesthetic intelligence of the body, the emotional intelligence of the heart and the creative intelligence of the mind through intensive Movement Medicine practice. The Dancing Warrior, the Wise Elder and the Fool are key elements of Movement Medicine practice. In the dance, they strengthen the vertical connection we can develop between earth and sky. They help us to receive support from below, inspiration from above and the humility, wisdom and compassion of the heart that link them. To heal and to find our true power, we need to be prepared to swim against the tide and learn to trust the innate wisdom that 13.7 billion years of evolution has built up inside us. The dance has the power to bring us quickly back to that intelligence. On the human journey of revealing the Self and the gifts we have been given in this life, there is often confusion and emotional upheaval as we recognise that the sense of self we have inherited is fractured, disembodied and disempowered.
Disconnected from the natural unity of body, heart and mind, we are cut off from our roots and our own capacity to connect directly to the spirit. Somewhere in between, the heart is left to fend for itself. Self-criticism and lack of self-acceptance get in the way of our capacity to relate and create. We need clear mirrors and strong support to turn around the powerful momentum that years of telling someone else’s story and dreaming someone else’s dream build up. The archetypes of the Dancing Warrior, the Wise Elder and the Fool are three such mirrors.

• The Dancing Warrior is embodied, instinctive, fluid, empowered and awake, giving strength to love and face life.
• The Fool is unencumbered by the past and able to perceive the opportunity and theater of any situation.
• The Wise Elder has mastered the dance of accepting life as it is, encouraging us to keep reaching for the truth.
I invite the dancer in you to come and develop you own Holy Trinity and reweave and strengthen the core of who you are so that the dance of life becomes the adventure it was designed to be.

Holy Trinity was so amazing, powerfull and with a gentle energy for my body. Thanks for your presence and the clear and gentle energy you gave to the whole group.Barbara Feichtner-Bachleitner Germany

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