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Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart

Engaged Shamanism through Movement Medicine – A weekend workshop with Ya’Acov Darling Khan
“The practices that Ya’Acov is sharing with you are strong medicine and they will support you to meet or deepen your connection to the Inner Shaman. This part of you remembers who you are, what you are connected to, who your people and your guides are, and what your work is. They are also tuned in to the spirit guides of the forest and the universe. They can show you the necessary changes you need to make in your life in relationship to yourself, others, the community of life, your ancestors and guides and to the source of life itself so that future generations can survive and thrive in this world.”
From the foreword to Ya’Acov’s new book, Shaman, by Manari Kaji Ushigua Santi, Shaman and Leader of the Sápara Nation of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador


In this transformative weekend workshop, Ya’Acov invites you to revision your life as a shamanic journey of initiation through which you discover who you are and what is yours to give.

The workshop is inspired by Ya’Acov’s 30-year initiation into the shaman’s world and will guide you through the four stages of contemporary shamanic initiation that he describes in his book that shares the name of this workshop (Hay House 2017).

1. Coming Down to Earth: Discovering the path
2. Fire in the Belly: Commitment to the path
3. Waters of Life: Becoming teachable
4. Winds of Change: Initiation

Jaguar in the Body invokes the raw, embodied power of our true and wild natures and of nature itself. The jaguar is a fierce protector of what it loves. Butterfly in the Heart invokes the shining and fleeting beauty that we catch glimpses of in one another when we feel safe enough to see and be seen. The butterfly is the miracle of transformation that touches us with its soft and silent wings.Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart by Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Out of the experience of meeting the jaguar and the butterfly in you, you will emerge with a growing capacity to harness the fascinating and alchemically potent blend of vulnerability and power that is so central to our human journey. Movement Medicine weaves together the exhilaration of free dance with the depth of movement meditation, story-telling and the spirit of shamanic practice. It challenges the paradigm of separation and reminds us of the interconnected nature of the web of life and our unique place in it.


From the deepest part of my heart I have to thank you. The workshop gave me a very important key. I have always struggled with my energy from far out of one side to far out to the other side. So I have thought that to keep me in balance I shall always stay in the middle. And then I have asked myself why I am never happy and feel bored. And when you gave me the answer Jaguar and Butterfly, at last I got a tool to allow me to embrace all these energies and how to use it in all differnt stages,shapes and to let them out instead of telling myself that they are not allowed. What a difference! Now I begin to understand what balance is. It is not about – or + it is to embrace all of my energies and give it shapes.Micaela Axelson Helsingborg Sverige - Sweden

Forthcoming dates:
May 2019 – Hamburg, Germany
Dec 2019 – London,UK
May 2020 – South Africa