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Love Stories

Across the ages, the mystics have all agreed about one thing and that is, when you get down to it, the thing that matters most in life is love. Our deep desires for love, connection, communion, intimacy and acceptance are part of what makes us human. We long for this and yet it is often not easy! Many of us struggle “in the dark” with the pain of not finding that which we seek.

This dance workshop is a designed to allow you to become a compassionate dancing witness to the patterns of your love stories and those of others, and through this to bring more wisdom, healing and choice to your own life and story with love.

Through the transformative power of the dance we will bring illumination, cleansing and fresh energy to your personal stories of love, partnership and intimacy, and healing to the places where your heart has been broken.

We will focus on opening to the love which can flow through us and so come to know ourselves as love, rather than identifying with the need and hunger for love.

This radical shift of perspective, especially when it is experienced physically and embodied in movement, is freeing, healing and empowering in relationship with ourselves, others and life itself.

forthcoming dates: March 2019 – Aarau, Switzerland,


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