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Medicine-lodgeMedicine Lodge

As the summer draws to a close and the Autumn Equinox approaches, Susannah and Ya’Acov invite you to return to the sanctity of your own body, heart and mind, to dance, sweat and nourish your love for life and for all our relations. Our ancestors from many different cultures used to participate in this ancient version of a sauna bath in order to purify themselves, connect with the powers of nature and ask for direct guidance from spirit.

In this powerful Movement Medicine weekend we will:
• Create a strong circle where we can be who we are and dare to dream who may become
• Dance deep to strengthen the roots, trunk and branches of the Tree of Life within
• Learn songs and sing our hearts out in preparation for the Medicine Lodge
• Build a Medicine Lodge and through participating in this ancient ceremony, return to the womb of the earth for purification, dreaming and community prayer
• Remember and strengthen our connection to the elemental forces that unite us with nature and our own deepest natures
• Celebrate the last of the summer wine and prepare for the Autumn ahead.
Movement Medicine weaves together the exhilaration of free dance with the depth of movement meditation and the spirit of shamanic practice.

forthcoming dates: to be confirmed