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Movement Medicine is a modern meditation practice rooted in the tradition of shamanic and ecstatic dance designed to:

  • Introduce you to the creativity and freedom of the dancer within you
  • Empower you to know and embody your highest purpose is in this life
  • Discover the contentment and happiness that comes from learning to dance with life and contribute everything you’ve got
  • Take you on a personal journey to the place where you are living your dreams.

Move! is an invigorating introduction to Movement Medicine where you will:

  • Learn the basics of Movement Medicine practice, gain access to the intuitive wisdom of the dancer inside you
  • Wake up from the ‘trance’ of daily life and connect with your self and others
  • Discover the healing transformative power of the life force inside you
  • Recognise the power you have to embody your dreams.

Ya’Acov and Susannah provide careful and specific guidance so that you can discover the aliveness, creativity of the dancer inside that has an innate ability to see, connect and work with the big picture of our lives. No matter your age, shape or background, your inner dancer is just waiting for your permission to Move!

I’m really impressed about the work you did with us or which you led for us. It’s amazing how deep the journey went and how real shamanic healing occured. It also impressed me how you led a big group of participants to dance, to dramatize their emotions, their traumas, their connection to the spiritual realms and their own being. And this was possible without a one-to one coaching or therapy technique although I know that you had each of us in your awareness and attention. I want to thank you for this extraordinary journey to myself – and other way to re-connect myself to what I really am, to redeem myself from features, pictures of myself and all the shit that I’m still carrying with me, from former techniques, from everything that keeps me outside the wholeness of our being. Thank you for being there and I’m looking forward to attending another workshop whenever time is ready for it.Christian, Medical Doctor

FORTHCOMING DATES: We have a number of Move! evenings coming up in various locations around the world. Please visit our website calendar to find your nearest Move! evening.


Indaba, my Children – June 2013
Celebrating my Aliveness – Sept 2010