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Rock my Soul!

An invitation to bring together the sensual and the spiritual, the party and the prayer, and to dance and dance and dance. Dance is a key to releasing the ecstatic potential which is part of your human inheritance. Movement Medicine supports you to become grounded and awake in your body and on this earth, to find the awareness, responsibility and permission to wake up to your strength and your sensitivity. Then, when the music hits the spot and we choose to let the dance take us, the spirit of life can come blazing through. To connect deeply with yourself, with others, with the wild, free, beautiful dance of life, and the still, silent space at the centre of it all: this is the prayer of Rock My Soul! Dance is a part of all cultures, often as part of personal and collective healing. Movement Medicine is a modern western version of this ancient practice.

You are welcome to explore this meeting of the spiritual and the physical, with all your vulnerabilities and passions, your fears and fierceness, your loves and your losses. Come and dance!

This was an extraordinary inspiring experience to me in all aspects of life (physical, mental, emotional, political and spiritual).Margus Mägi



An Invitation to Party & Pray with Susannah in Paris – November 2011