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Sexual energy is the Source of creation. We have all been given the possibility of experiencing this energy as a powerful and healthy resource for dynamic and inspired living. Beyond guilt, blame and shame, there is movement, connection and the awakening of a sexuality that is a potent source of creative energy for all areas of your life.

It is a rare human in our culture who has been encouraged in the development and understanding of their sexual energy. Movement Medicine is a potent catalyst for healing and celebrating the Source within you. Nakedness is not required; integrity is. Whatever your history, you are invited to come and dance for your life! Embodying the power of your Source in the dance of your life will help you to take up your place as an empowered human being in the circle of life.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn to embody the natural movement of your sexual/creative energy
  • develop the polarity between inner feminine and masculine energy and bring these energies into balance
  • become aware and learn to release some of the shadows around your sexuality
  • recover your innocence and power as a sexual/creative being through the alignment of body, heart and mind.
I want to THANK YOU for the incredible and powerful AUTHENTICITY and HUMBLENESS/HUMILITY with which you walk your talk. That was the most touching, inspiring and absolutely transforming part of the weekend, which planted the seed that I so needed.Veronica Berezowsky The Netherlands March 2020
I have been on many of Ya’Acov’s and Sussanah’s workshops – all 5 Rhythms based. This was my first experience of Movement Medicine. This was the first time I had felt real fear of being totally exposed and having to do my own moves. There was nowhere to hide, no set way to move that I could hide in if things got too much. I had to walk into the space with no idea or pattern to follow; just me. I experienced great joy and liberation in that I was experiencing my own way of moving my essential energy: this was me; it was frightening but liberating. My sexual energy is all part of me – not just about sex – and it helps me in all aspects of my life, in articulating and expressing myself in the world. I feel more free and secure in myself than I have from any other workshop I have done.Sarah Ashcroft, Mother, Healer and Artist
Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop where there was absolute permission to express and explore my sexual energy in all its glory! I was able to uncover, express verbally and dance parts of my past ‘shameful’, sexual experiences fully for the first time. By the end of the weekend the connections I was able to make with myself and others was profound, beautiful and alive. I am looking out for more opportunties to further this wonderful work. Thank you – keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.Carolyn Wood, Training Co-ordinator

ForthCOMING DATES: Febr 2020 – Vancouver (Canada), May 2020 – Hamburg (Germany),


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