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Tending the Circle

circle (abbr.: cir. or circ.)
a round plane figure whose boundary consists of points equidistant from the centre
In today’s world, many of us end up feeling ‘out of shape.’ We live in boxes, watch the box, and box each other in with narrow ideas and perceptions. We have forgotten that we are all an integral part of the circle of life, and that from the point of view of the circle, we are all equidistant from the centre.
Mending the Circle will:
• Give you tools to repair and strengthen the integrity your circle
• Support you to be able to bring this sense of integrity into all your relationships
• Introduce you to the natural guidance and wisdom that is within you by dancing with the four elements and their guardians
• Bring all that you have learned into dancing ceremony where we will dance like devas in connection and appreciation of the Great Circle of life

When we remember that we are family with the whole circle of life on earth, our compassion grows, our wisdom deepens and our lives become a blessing as we rediscover our innate ability to play an active and conscious role in the creation of our lives and the world we live in.

What did I make of the workshop? Well – words like awesome, amazing, inspiring, extraordinary come to mind. Saturday felt like hard work – you were asking us to really concentrate. I felt like I worked hard to get present and to really get my body moving again (having ‘set’ into something do-able, functional, OK). I felt like we were touching on a realm that is vaster, more profound, much greater than ourselves, a realm that I can never begin to understand. Teresa Tinklin, Body Control Pilates Qualified Teacher

FORTHCOMING DATES: to be confirmed


Mending the Circle – Israel – Jan 2011
Shalom (Shal_Home, Sweet Home…): dancing in the West Bank – Jan 2011
Mending the Circle Sheffield – Sept 2010