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The Alchemy of Healing

The Alchemy of Healing empowers each of us to remember the power of our own welcoming hearts together with our own curious, explorative, wild, free and tender natures. It is the nature of all that lives to grow with the seasons, to learn, to heal and to support and be supported. And this nature is yours too, once you have the “energetic nutrients” available to be in your nature.In the energetic clarity of the space which Susannah holds and with the alchemical processes of Movement Medicine, much that may have seemed out of reach, becomes possible.
The workshop will be accessible, inspiring and useful. All are welcome.

Susannah creates a safe, strong vibrational field in which dancers can access their own inherent power for self-healing. This power can come into play when we feel simultaneously safe and supported and free to risk, explore and enter the unknown. In this safe and powerful container, we can allow our defences to soften and then can engage in the deep work of metamorphosis: transforming the lead of our habitual selves into the gold of presence and choice.

Forthcoming dates: March 2020 – Switzerland