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The Infinite Well

with Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Ya’Acov leads very powerful workshops and ceremonies that transform thousands of people helping them to deal with their suffering and answer their most important questions. He is a great healer who has helped me in my shamanic spiritual growth.Manari Ushigua, Shaman and Leader of the Sapara people of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Movement Medicine practice is rooted in what we call the 5 Dimensions of Relationship.

  • 1st Dimension: Self
  • 2nd Dimension: Others
  • 3rd Dimension: Community
  • 4th Dimension: The Spirits and the Imaginal world
  • 5th Dimension: The Infinite Well or the Source of life

In this weekend workshop, our central focus will be the Infinite Well. We will begin by taking an inventory of who and how we are in the everyday world of relationship. Becoming conscious of what is, gives us the choice to take responsibility and evolve so that the past can become the strength of ‘lessons learned,’ rather than a weight that we must carry with us.

Our work with the first four dimensions will create the stability from which we can expand and authentically connect with the Infinite Well, perhaps the most intimate of all relationships. In order to live an empowered, responsible and creative life, we need frequent and genuine refuge. Accordingly, we will spend Sunday in ceremony, travelling through the medicine wheel below with the intention of deepening our connection to the Great Mystery.

South – Be Present and Reveal Yourself to the Mystery
East – Connect and dialogue with the Mystery
West – Release and Surrender to the Mystery
North – The Shining Light of the Mystery
Centre – Dissolve in the Infinite Well and Become the Mystery

Our work will help you to find more resilience, a deeper sense of who you are and open the doors in our hearts to the ultimate power of peace.

Ya’Acov has been studying and practicing shamanism all his life. When he was 21, he was hit by lightning and through this, began a three-decade-long journey of initiation. He has been recognised as a practicing shaman by Elder Shamans from the Sami (European tradition), and Achuar and Sápara peoples of the Amazon. Together with his wife Susannah, he is the Co-Creator of Movement Medicine, a contemporary and dynamic shamanic practice designed to support people from all walks of life to be who they are and give what they’ve got. Ya’Acov’s work come straight from the heart. He inspires people, often with great humour, to remember who they are.

He is the best-selling author of Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart (Hay House 2017), the creator of Shaman’s Song – Shamanic Journeys to Empower, Inspire and Re-Connect (Hay House 2018), and the Co-Author of Movement Medicine – How to Dance, Awaken and Live your Dreams, (Hay House 2009). His new book, Shaman – Invoking Power, Purpose and Presence at the Core of Who YOU Are will be published by Hay House in Spring 2020.

Forthcoming dates: Aug 2020 – Israel, October 2021 – Switzerland,