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poetry-of-presenceThe Poetry of Presence

Human beings are storytellers and meaning makers. To a large extent, our experience of life is directed by the stories we are telling. And oh the stories we tell! Much of the time, our thinking mind leads us up winding alleys that lead us nowhere. The mind is potentially such a powerful, intuitive tool, especially when connected to the inventive capacity of the dancer in you. And yet it largely runs on out of date programmes. These programmes effect our perception that in turn effects how we feel, act and experience our lives. This is an opportunity to download a few updates!
The Poetry of Presence workshop offers tools to integrate the freedom of the dance with the emotional intelligence of the heart and the creativity, imagination and power of the mind.
The Poetry of Presence gives you the opportunity to:
• Align, connect and spring-clean the body, heart and mind
• Open the mind to receive the new inspiration that comes with the spring
• Re-discover and affirm the poetry of your own presence
• Rediscover the power you have to change your perception of yourself & each other
• Re-affirm your role as the co-creator of the life you live and the world we live in

The weekend included so many threads I have been following over the years, dance, meditation, paganism, shamanism, buddhism, art, ritual, music…. You have woven them together in such a deep authentic way in the fabric of your being, that is just great to be around. I would like to do more stuff with you, so I’ve planted that seed and will take action on it when the conditions are right! You held the space with intelligence, empathy, lightness of touch, humour and depth. I feel met, nourished, strenghtened by the weekend and am left with more of a sense of my own potential to weave these threads together in my life. I realise this might sound a bit gushy but I wanted to write while I’m still in the zone, with my heart open love, respect and gratitudeJutika C

FORTHCOMING DATES: to be confirmed


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