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How do we find the connection and communion so many of us long for, without losing our individuality and freedom? In life there is structure and fluidity, repetition and change, form and formlessness.

Our experience in Movement Medicine is that by dancing in the dynamic interplay between these polarities we strengthen a sense of community without conformity, and free individuality without separation.

This can open doorways to trance and spontaneous co–created theatre and ritual on the dance floor. Great joy and magic can arise, along with the experience of who we can be as humans; unique, free individuals capable of a synergy which creates beyond that which any one of us could dream.

I came with no expectations and found a treasure. During the workshop my body became lighter and my soul got more space to breath. I enjoyed the lightness, vulnerability, tenderness, playfulness and joy dancing and being myself. And I also relish the feeling of community and being part of something bigger, if I allow that – what I did?. During the workshop I felt as if life is a big playground and everyone and every feeling has his place into it. And it is right: being able to attend this workshop in this world also full of violence and grief is a sign of great gratitude toward life. I was very grateful for having the chance doing that in a safe country called my home.Anna Felicetta, Social Worker

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