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Do you yearn for a deeper connection to yourself and to the land? Is there a part of you that dreams of the freedom and wildness of wide open spaces?

For human beings, connection to the land is essential for psychological health. This is a truth self-evident to indigenous people, but long forgotten by many of us in the industrialised world, who spend much of our time living in cities amidst concrete and glass.

In Wild at Heart, you will have the opportunity to rediscover your heart connection to the land and to reclaim the wildish self from which so many of us have been severed.

During the workshop, you will engage with a variety of Movement Medicine practices, working indoors as well as outdoors amidst the rugged beauty of the Peak District hills. Supported by the power of ecstatic dance and music, you will be invited to traverse inner and outer landscapes, entering into communion with nature and observing what arises in the encounter. In particular, you will have the opportunity to create a ceremonial movement space for yourself in nature.

When we listen deeply to nature in this way, we open ourselves to the wisdom of the wild. We learn to trust our instinctual selves, to befriend our emotions and to know our interconnectedness with all living beings. From this place of true connection, we discover the love that is always available to us, wherever it is we are.

FORTHCOMING DATES: May 2019 – Sheffiled, UK,