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What can I do? – December 2015

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From Susannah Darling Khan


Stuff to inspire you and ways to actively stand up and add your voice, re COP21

Amazing news! Our Mosaic Earth  project is being seen and shared by delegates in Paris at COP 21. Our voices are being heard. Please do add your post to it (its easy, creative and fun) tell your friends, and follow @oneclimate on twitter. The more energy we can bring to it NOW the more chance it has of making a real difference.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this project and me! And thank you to everyone who buys any thing (over £10) from the Movement Medicine Shop, as you have helped to fund the Mosaic.

There is a glorious diversity of both creative and straightforward campaigns and petitions out there re COP21 which all aim to mandate the negotiators to make those bold, co-operative agreements for the good of all peoples and the future of life on earth. I’m aware how quickly stuff comes and goes on FB, so I wanted to bring this collection together to make it easy to find things. It’s all appeared on the MM FB page in the last days, weeks or years.

I thank you all the MM dancers who have brought this collection to our attention.  And I really want to honour all those who marched in the climate demos on 29/11/15, all those who have signed up and supported all the campaigns below and all the others not mentioned here, and all the love in action “big” and “small” and depth of prayer that make a more beautiful world more likely for all.

Sorry if I missed your favourite COP21 campaign or out. I’m sure there are many more.

If you feel strongly about climate change and this moment in human evolution you could add your voice to all of these campaigns. Check out the videos, I hope you’ll find something to inspire you and makes you want to share it.

Of course, life style choices are one important aspect of creating a sustainable world for all. I am focusing on the political communication level now in this article, as the COP21 level of agreement is SO crucial now given the speed and scale of our human-made crisis. I’ll write another list of possible actions and inspirations for that level soon!

I hope this is helpful.

With love and encouragement to know that your drop in the ocean is still a drop in the ocean!

Susannah Darling Khan


Campaigns: petitions etc, how to add your voice!

Mosaic Earth  from The School of Movement Medicine and Hedgerley wood.

Help stop big oil from blocking the chance for agreement COP21

Add your voice.

 United Nations petition with Jack Black

Sign4Earth  From

The Guardian’s “Keep it in the Ground” divestment campaign



Inspiring videos re COP21

Indigenous voices in Paris on the river COP21

A 15 year old native American of deep clarity, speaking at the UN.

Kandi Mosset: deep heart wisdom from a Native American woman.

An indigenous healing ceremony in Paris

 Vogue talks about women climate warriors now in Paris.

Pictures of the recent climate marches all over the world


Little videos from Susannah Darling Khan


From Susannah directly to the delegates in Paris at COP 21

A short passionate one,

 A tender one

Susannah from  the Maldives a few years ago. But totally relevant today.


Preserving the rainforests is key. We seriously respect the work of the Pachamama Alliance . You can do a two hour online Awakening the Dreamer course. This course changed our lives.



And do see and read the film and book, both of the same name:

This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein

As well as Age of Stupid  available as a DVD from the Movement Medicine Shop.

I’m finding reading Naomi Klein so empowering, elucidating and surprising that when I start to look for a few good quotes for you, I quickly realise that I will be typing out her whole book! Which I won’t! I highly recommend you see her film ASAP, and read at least the introduction to her book very fast. It could be the most important 28 pages you have ever read.

A couple of quotes from Naomi Klein: “Or maybe we do look, really look, but then, inevitably, we seem to forget. Remember and then forget again. Climate change is like that, hard to keep in your head for very long. We engage in this odd form of on-again-off-again ecological amnesia for perfectly rational reasons. We deny because we fear that letting in the full reality of this crisis will change everything. And we are right. “

This Changes Everything Pg 4

“Preliminary date shows that in 2013, global CO2 emissions were 69% higher than in 1990 when negotiations  towards a climate treaty began in earnest.”

This Changes Everything Pg 11

“Because the thing about a crisis this big, this all-encompassing, is that it changes everything. It changes what we can do, what we can hope for, what we can demand from ourselves and our leaders. It means there is a whole lot of stuff that we have been told is inevitable that we simply cannot stand.  And it means a whole lot of stuff we have been told is impossible needs to start happening right away

Can we pull it off? All I know is that nothing is inevitable. Nothing except that climate change changes everything. And for a very short time, the nature of that change is still up to us.”

This Changes Everything Pg 28