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We have a team of fully qualified Movement Medicine teachers on our Faculty who teach on our international programme of events. They also offer their work independently to our curriculum.

For details of the other qualified teachers and facilitators who have been through our Apprenticeship and Professional Training Programme, and also those who are currently Apprentice teachers/facilitators, please see the Movement Medicine Association website.



Christian de Sousa

Christian is deeply inspired by the power and subtlety of Movement Medicine as a tool for embodied healing, being and dreaming. The shifts brought about by Movement Medicine that he has experienced in himself and witnessed in others are life-changing. For Christian, the path is a weave of many threads, and the dance is the weaver. Christian has been teaching movement for seven years, mostly as a 5Rhythms teacher, before apprenticing to Ya’Acov & Susannah. Christian also brings to his teaching his experience of shamanic practice, Taoism, Sufism, DJing, being a Dad and as an artist.

“Self-interview” with Christian from March 2018: |

David Mooney

David is a fully qualified and practicing psychotherapist, he integrates these skills and his passion for shamanic pathways into his work as a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher. He teaches in Ireland and throughout Europe. He is deeply committed to the work of Movement Medicine, as a contemporary map to explore what it means to be alive in these times and how to transform patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth so we can give all that we can in this lifetime.

Interview with David from March 2017

“David is a gifted multi-faceted teacher of Movement Medicine. His commitment to every member of his workshops is outstanding.” Pat Burnicardi, Psychotherapist and Dancer | | +353 860546556


Jo Hardy

Jo has taught and explored conscious dance, healing and transformation for more than 25 years. As a staff member of the School of Movement Medicine she offers mentoring for students and is an accredited Movement Medicine facilitator and Faculty teacher offering workshops internationally. She is also an accredited 5Rhythms teacher at Waves and Heartbeat level.

Having trained extensively in Core Process Psychotherapy and Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy, Jo worked for more than 20 years as a psycho-spiritual, body-based psychotherapist and supervisor and was a senior trainer on the MA Programme in Core Process Psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute.

Interview with Jo Hardy. | +44 (0)7905 493956


Rosie Perks

Rosie’s teaching of Movement Medicine is informed by a long, rich relationship to dance, facilitation training in Processwork and her understanding of our shared humanity. She has many years experience and offers a space that is safe and expertly held, often including the emerging voice with movement. From her own experience of living with and learning from grief she now offers workshops exploring grief and loss as a resource for life. Rosie is also a mother, a wife and has worked for many years as a graphic designer.

Interview with Rosie from May 2017

“Rosie offers a safe place, a place of permission, permission to be, to explore, where everything is welcome. This enabled me to go to places I don’t usually go, to take risks I don’t usually take.” Jasper Drent, Movement Medicine Teacher | | +44 (0)7813 018567


Ben Yeger

As well as being a Movement Medicine teacher and facilitator, Ben is a state-registered drama-therapist, peace activist and theatre-maker. Ben is the Director of Moving Conflicts and the UK representative of Combatants for Peace. He served in the Israeli Army (83-86) and after many years of deep process in which he underwent a personal transformation, he decided to dedicate his life and work to finding ways to deepen our understanding of conflict and how we can transform it in ourselves and in relationship to others. See Ben’s TEDx talk for details. Ben offers The Wisdom of Conflict Movement Medicine workshop in a variety of forms all over the world, including in Israel and Palestine.

Interview with Ben from Sept 2017. | | | +44 (0)7977 449901

Mark Boylan by Jo square

Mark Boylan

Mark has been teaching Movement Medicine for five years. His approach is informed by more than 12 years’ of teaching movement, his training in sociodrama, creative-action methods and clowning, and his history as social-change activist. Mark lives in Sheffield, UK, with his partner and daughter. He has taught in Palestine, Poland, the US, Canada, Italy and Ireland. He is also a professor of education, and is currently collaborating with a theatre company to research how teachers can create a greater sense of classroom community.