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Trained Professionals

We are proud to present to you the Movement Medicine Professionals that we have trained. 

You will find them and their work (both on and off line) through the Movement Medicine Association which brings together information about Movement Medicine Professionals (including our own) and what is being offered. 

Where have Faculty gone?

After years of service as School of Movement Medicine Faculty, these 8 teachers (Ben Yeger, Catherine Wright, Christian de Sousa, David Mooney, Jo Hardy, Mark Boylan, Rosie Perks, Yasia Leiserach) have let go of this role in order to allow more fluidity in the whole system, including their own. This adjustment means that a broader spectrum of professionals can take up senior roles in the system as the depth of field increases and more people train and gain experience in offering Movement Medicine. However, our X-Faculty are still alive and well and making their fine contributions in the fields of Movement Medicine and many others.  

You can find them through the Movement Medicine Association

Staff and Pathfinders

We want to mention our staff who helped us stabilise the Movement Medicine boat when we started and for many years afterwards. Their expertise, wisdom and contribution was an important part of establishing the ground of Movement Medicine. We offer our deep gratitude to Jo Hardy, Sue Kuhn and David Rose, who occupied this role and then let it go to tend their own lives and work. We also want to acknowledge the original Movement Medicine pathfinders, They were Caroline Carey, Mark Boylan and Christian de Sousa, all of whom had already trained in 5 Rhythms and who worked with us over several years to clarify the best possible nature of the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship and Professional Training. Our training would not be as wholesome and profound as it is without their long running input.

The Movement Medicine Professional Journey

After training, Movement Medicine Professionals begin their work as Apprentice Teachers or Facilitators.  If they have been given permission to teach by us, you can be assured that we hold them in high regard. The next step is the initiation process which is their graduation panel. As with all of our training  this is thorough and demanding.

After this, we offer a programme of Continued Professional Development (CPD) for those who wish to train in the deeper levels of our work. Eventually this will lead to some people being able to offer their own Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programmes. All Movement Medicine Professionals are required to have professional mentoring throughout their careers.

Below is a list of all the people that have been through our Professional Training Programme and have our ongoing authorisation to be working professionally with Movement Medicine. It also includes information about the levels of CPD they may have participated in. They are all members of the Movement Medicine Association which is our Professional body, and abide by its high standards. .

If there is a date next to ‘Graduate Teacher’ or ‘Graduate Facilitator’ this is the date they graduated. If there is no date under this column, then the person is working as an apprentice/student Teacher or Facilitator with our full confidence and endorsement.

Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

NameTraining StartedGraduate TeacherGraduate FacilitatorCPD Heart & SEERCPD 2 RitualCPD 3 PhoenixCPD 4 InitiationCPD 5 APL TrainingOthers CPDs
Aase-Merethe Hegg2018Mar 2021Mar 2021Shapeshifter 2019
Adrien Labaeye2018
Agnes Madaras2011Feb 2015Feb 20152016201720182019
Ailsa Lucas2013Feb 20182016201720182019
Ailsa Richardson2011Feb 2015Feb 2015
Alex Hanly2018Oct 2020Oct 2020
Ali Young2013Jan 201620162017Communion 2021
Almut Ibler2013Feb 20192016
Anda Perdan2011Nov 20162016201720182019
Andrea Rainer2011June 2014201620172018Communion 2021
Anja Bock2018
Ann Cleary2013June 201620162017Shapeshifter 2019
Anna Sierpowska2016June 20192018
AnneEna Bernard2016June 2019201820182019Communion 2021
Annemeike van Bellen2011June 2014
Antje Droege Roller2016Jan 20162016201720182019Communion 2021
Anusia Meier2013June 2016
Apsara Le Huy2018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Arielle Semin2018Mar 2021Communion 2021
Audra Micallef2018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Ben Clark2018May 2021May 2021Communion 2021
Ben Yeger2011Feb 2015Feb 20132016201720182019
Bernadeta Zyla2018Communion 2021
Birgit Osterholt2013Nov 201520162018Shapeshifter 2019
Bonnie McAteer2013Feb 20182016201720182019
Bouchra Ait Ahmed2018
Camille Barrios2018Oct 2020Oct 2020Communion 2021
Carolyn Wood2018
Catherine Dunne2013Nov 2016Nov 16201620182019
Catherine Indrano201820162018
Catherine Wright2013Feb 2014Feb 2015201620172019Communion 2021
Charlie Sundstrom2016June 182018
Charlotte Underwood2018Mar 2021Mar 2021Communion 2021
Christian de Sousa2011Dec 20112016201720182019
Christine Pechan2016Feb 2018201820182019
Claire Armstrong2011Feb 2018Feb 201820162017
Claudia Rieger-Reinecke2016Nov 20162016201720182019Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Clément Loget2018Mar 2021
Colleen Burke2018
Daniela Lüthi2018
David Kellett2011Feb 2014
David Mooney2011June 20132016201720182019
Didier Perrouault2013May 20172016201720182019Communion 2021
Eline Kieft2011June 2015201620172018
Eliza Kenyon2016Nov 2019Nov 2019201820182019
Ella Speirs2013Feb 201920162017
Emma Pounch2011June 2015
Fabienne Hester2016June 182018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Grace Greuner2018July 2021
Hadwig Christina Pedersen2013Feb 2019
Hagit Ottens-Wilk2016Nov 201920182019
Hazel Newton2011Feb 2018
Hedwige Leriche2018Shapeshifter 2019
Heiner Bosshard2011June 2014
Ida Marie Simers2016
Ilaria Franchi2018Oct 2020Shapeshifter 2019
Izzy Fairbairn2018
Jacqui Christodoulou2018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Janelle Sommerville2013Nov 201920182019
Jasper Drent2011June 201420162017Communion 2021
Jenny Levin2018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Jo Hardy2011Feb 2015Feb 2015201720182019
Joanne Breton2016Feb 20192018Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Johanna Gielen2016June 20182018Shapeshifter 2019
Johanna Stromeyer2016Oct 20222018Communion 2021
Jörg Püschel2016Nov 2019201820182019Communion 2021
Julia Eisenhut2016July 2021
Karin Hall2016
Kat ForresterFeb 201120162017
Katharine Cable
Katherine McKenzie2018Communion 2021
Kathrin Keller2018May 2021
Katrin Kohlbecher2016Feb 20192018
Katriona Forrester2011Feb 2011201620172019
Kaya Tamara Sertic2016June 2018June 20182016201720182019
Keef Miles2011June 201420162017Communion 2021
Kerri Cripps2011June 201320162017
Kovila Coopamootoo2018
Kristin Glenewinkel2013June 20162016201720182019Communion 2021
Ksenia Kucha2018
Laura Valenti2013May 2017May 20172016201720182019Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Livia Frischer2016June 202020182019Communion 2021
Loes Velter2016June 2019June 20192018
Louise Cullum2018
Lynn Campbell2011Februar 20132016201720182019Communion 2021
Maaianne Knuth2016Nov 2019201820182019
Manuela Beck2016
Margaret Davies2011June 2014June 2014201620172019
Maria Edit Antal2011June 20152016201720182019
Maria Varela2018Oct 2020Communion 2021
Marin Kovačević Hora201320162017
Mark Boylan2011Dec 20112016201720182019
Marold Emmelkamp2011June 20142016Communion 2021
Marta Dratwa-Wasylek2013June 2019June 20192018
Martin Arp2013Communion 2021
Martina Werthmann2018July 2021July 2021Shapeshifter 2019
Matija Milostnik2013October 2022201620172018
Matt Rayner2016201820182019
Matthias Axelsen2013June 201620162017Communion 2021
Maya Love2018
Megumi Miyata2013June 20162016201720182019Communion 2021
Melissa Roussopoulos2013
Mira Dittrich2018Shapeshifter 2019
Mira Khanya2016June 182016201720182019Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Mojca Sostarko2013Nov 2016Nov 201620162017Communion 2021
Monika Dittli2013Feb 201820162017
Nina Juetting2011June 201420162017
Olivia Colboc2018
Patricia Mihalyi2018Shapeshifter 2019
Patrick Hofmann2018
Petra Bongartz2013June 2016June 20162016201720182019Communion 2021
Petra van Wickeren2018Oct 2022Oct 2022Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Rachel Morris2016April 2018201820182019
Regula Häne2016Nov 2019201820182019Communion 2021
Richard Casebow2018
Rob Porteous2013Jan 20162016201720182019
Rosie Perks2011June 20132016201720182019
Ruth Ben-Tovim2011June 2013
Samantha Brauer2016
Samar Qudha2016
Sarah Harlow2018July 2021July 2021
Sarah Kelly2018Communion 2021
Sari Veugelers2011June 2013
Shanti Monica Bruni2018Communion 2021
Shiuli Subaya2011
Shivani Soares2016June 2020
Silvana Rigobon2018June 20142016201720182019Communion 2021
Simone Gantner2018Communion 2021
Sinéad Cullen2013Jan 20162018Communion 2021
Sjanie Hugo2011June 18Communion 2021
Solange Brelot2018July 2021Shapeshifter 2019, Communion 2021
Sue Kuhn2011Feb 2011
Susan Johnson2018Shapeshifter 2019
Sven Ullmann2013Feb 201820162017Shapeshifter 2019
Sylvia Habermayr2013Feb 2018201620172019Communion 2021
Tabitha Crook2016May 2021Communion 2021
Tamara Candiracci2013Nov 20162016201720182019Communion 2021
Tamara Haydon2011
Tatiana Cichocka2013Feb 20192018
Thomas Gross2016201620172018
Ursula Anthropelos2013April 201820182019
Valerie Chatel2018July 2021July 2021Shapeshifter 2019
Vero Benei2016May 2017May 20172018
Veronica Ramos Beiro2018
Veronika Zitnikova2018
Véronique  Champalou2013Jan 2016201620172018
Weronika Podkowska2016
Xenia Berndt2013June 2020June 20202018
Yasia Leiserach2011Feb 2015Feb 20152016201720182019Communion 2021
Yuki Mitsumori2018Oct 2020
Yumiko Kageura2018Communion 2021