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Power of Choice

A Movement Medicine weekend and ceremony with David Mooney

Our perception of life is shaped by our past experiences and by the meaning we make from them about ourselves, about each other and about life. These stories have become so familiar in our everyday lives that we don’t even notice them. We are naturally creative beings who are capable of changing the stories we tell, once we have become conscious of them. When the dancer inside us has access to this storehouse of creativity we become capable of reshaping and bringing healing and transformation to any experience.

The intention is to consciously write the next chapters of your own personal stories through intensive Movement Medicine practice. This is about reclaiming the power of choice in the stories you feed yourself. Movement Medicine connects you with the dancer inside of you, the creative force that lives within and through this and simple, specific practices of Movement Medicine we awaken the inner alchemist, that capacity to ‚weed‘ let go of old stories that hold us back and ’seed‘ more resonant core messages and life affirming, compassionate self talk and inner dialogue.

Forthcoming dates: Jan 2020 – Graz,