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Resource and Resilience

Resource and Resilience –
Dance of Yin and Yang

Residential workshop with David Mooney

At this residential gathering in the beautiful venue and natural surroundings of Haluzice you will learn practices and exercises to resource and create resilience in your day to day life.

The power of core messages we tell ourselves can have a profound effect on our relationship with ourselves, other and the world. This is an opportunity to update stories and messages we tell ourselves, often these are unconscious. This will be a chance to bring these to light in a safe way and create new resourcing core messages.

Movement Medicine is an extraordinarily effective way to loosen the hold of these old stories ad old ways of being that no longer fit or resource our lives as well as being a deeply creative way to embed new healthier ways of being into our day to day lives and relationships. We will engage in the deeper practices of Movement Medicine such as:

  • The SEER Process to discover the roots of our decisions about who we are, reclaim life force and create new pathways of possibility and change. In this way we can live and act with more kindness and capacity to create meaningful change in our lives.
  • In ceremony we will dance for creative healthy change in our own lives and dance deep into the medicine of Movement Medicine ceremony to strengthen our capacity for balance between activation and relaxation.

The foundation of this residential is creating and building resilience and cultivating inner balance in our lives. Through the dance and Movement Medicine practices you will discover practices to tone and recalibrate the Vagus nerve (which is referred to as the nerve of compassion). This is fundamental in building our capacity to rest and restore as well as take action in a healthy way. It is also crucial for feeling safe and present in connection with others.

Forthcoming dates: 2019 Sept – Haluzice, Czech Republic