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The Dreaming Heart

The Dreaming Heart

a Movement Medicine journey with Christian de Sousa


I saw you dancing last night, near the roof of this world. Hafiz

What does the heart say, in the dance?

What dreams take flight from these rhythm ecstasies and embodied journeys? And what dreams whisper deep within the heart’s central chamber, yearning to be given their freedom?

This Dreaming Heart workshop will be a journey of exploring how Movement Medicine can help us harvest what we deeply feel; to manifest what we want to create in this life – and to practice holding the heart as the centre of true aliveness.

We will spend a day gathering resources and excavating our dreaming hearts, and then move into an all-day dancing ceremony on Sunday.

Movement Medicine is a practice combining dance with shamanic, therapeutic and creative pathways. It was created by Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, fusing contemporary and ancient methods in service of healing, dreaming and being.

The heart pulses, it expands, stretches and contracts. The heart opens, closes, hardens and then softens. Sometimes it fractures, gets shattered, then mended, and even healed. The heart is the seat of vulnerability; and yet also the source of great power. Receptacle of love, the Heart is the core connector – between self and other, between earth and sky, within one and throughout the One – and between person and the golden, laughing ocean that some call God.

Forthcoming dates: March 2019 – Philladelphia, USA