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The Wild Within

The Wild Within

with Mark Boylan

Living in the modern world can mean a profound and painful sense of disconnection from our natural selves and from nature. When we allow ourselves, humans are intensely wild beings. We come from the wild songs of the earth but  are tamed by technology, routines, and mental enclosures of do and don’t.  Many of us crave time in parks, in forests, with trees, lakes and rivers and in mountains because we need what is wild.

Even the world ‘wild’ has been colonised – so it has come to mean something crazy, fiery, dangerous and fast. But the inner wilderness is a vast landscape with places of tender softness and calm havens, as well as soaring peaks and rushing waters.

In this weekend we will remember how to listen deeply to our inner body wisdom and embrace in movement our animal flesh, blood and bones. We will tune into, and express, our embodied hearts. Experiencing the ever changing dance of our emotions reminds us of our instinctive capacity to live passionately. Turning our awareness outwards supports deepening our interconnection with the world. Through movement and dance, waking up our awareness can bring a stronger sense of being at home in our bodies and in our lives.


Mark Boylan has been teaching Movement Medicine for 11 years and 5 Rhythms for 15 years.  Mark is Faculty of the School of Movement Medicine and  teaches on both the School’s apprenticeship programme and professional training.

Forthcoming dates: May 2019 – Ljubljana, Slovenia