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You are invited to Sanctuary. Come and welcome, nourish and renew the woman you are within a circle of sisters. Throughout history women have gathered together to heal and re-connect with the sacred. Sanctuary is a contemporary expression of this ancient impulse. This time on earth needs women (and men!) strong enough to be at home in their vulnerability, courageous enough to follow their hearts, empowered to be the unique, creative, connected beings we dream to be.

Through the sheer joy of conscious dance the freedom of your inner dancer is released, allowing you to connect with your depth, light, sensuality, strength and essential wisdom. We dance to nourish our deep joy in life, to acknowledge the pain, to mend what has been broken and to honour the unique, creative wholeness of each one of us. We dance to come home to ourselves: the full sense of bodies, the beauty of our sexuality, the full spectrum of our hearts, our wild minds and our unique souls. We dance to remember where we have come from and dream into where we want to go. We create rites of passage for our times and for our lives, celebrating and welcoming the women that we are and can become. Within the support and power of this women’s circle so much is possible. Come and dance!

Sanctuary for me was a trip full of emotions, insights and movements and I have brought many gifts from them. I have so far met no own experience / journey that is as much personal responsibility, respect your own space and their own process and simultaneously without rating, loving and attentive. …It is a magnificent and impressive work that Susannah has done and I am grateful that I could participate and bow with great respect for Susannah and her work “Sanctuary” Manuela Beck - Austria
Thank you for a deep sensitive workshop . This workshop connected me to a deep quiet place in myself. a place without wards. only feelings. and yet , lot of knowledge. a silent knowledge. i feel as a fountain of soft and power opened in my body. it’s the endless love and power i have within me. It’s a great feeling , and you made it happen and open, with your delicate, sensitive and powerful guidance. you are an amazing woman. a great dancer , and it’s feels good to be around you.Avital, Israel

Forthcoming dates: Orval, Belgium – May 2018


Sanctuary on Site – December 2015
A Fork in the Road – From Medical School to the School of Movement Medicine – June 2015
Sanctuary – Oct 2007
Sanctuary – April 2007