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The Space Between Us

An intensive two-module workshop for couples

with Susannah & Ya’Acov at Waldhaus Zentrum, Switzerland

Module 1: 27th August – 1st September 2016

Module 2: 7-12 February 2017

Movement is Life, Movement is Change, Movement is Choice,

Movement is Communication, Movement is Sex, Movement is Connection,

Movement is Flexibility, Movement is Presence, Movement is Medicine.

“We have been together in a committed relationship for just under 30 years. During this time we have fought like hell, hurt each other, fallen in love with each other many times, come very close to breaking up, and ended up in a relationship with each other that we never dreamed possible.

The path of relationship is not an easy one. Yet we have come to understand that our marriage is a profound spiritual practice for us. Our commitment is to truth and to develop and grow as much as we possibly can in the time we have together. We have found that the more we are able to communicate what is real and hear what is true, and the more we learn to see and sense each other, the more the space between us opens up and the more love there is.

We have been so nourished and freed by this practice and so supported by it in all areas of our lives that we feel compelled to share our discoveries and offer a deeper journey than we ever have before for couples wanting to go deeper in their relationship with each other.”

— Susannah and Ya’Acov

In this workshop, you and your partner will:

  • work in a safe environment with other committed couples
  • discover creative ways of working with conflict
  • learn to use a variety of practices, such as movement, writing, dyads, shamanic journeying and ritual to refine ways of being together
  • work in the privacy of your own room to connect to your instinctual nature and explore a new landscape of intimacy.

The course also includes a one-hour Skype session between the two modules with Susannah and Ya’Acov.

Nurturing love and intimacy in a relationship means being willing to allow vulnerability and passion. It means inviting tenderness and being present to the raw edges of the heart. It means finding the courage to travel together into the unknown. During this workshop, we will work with Movement Medicine to explore a new vision of relationship, to expand love, and to deepen the space between you.

I loved it and it´s been like a new start to our relationship. We are more close and our sex life is more open and intense. I will recommend it to my friends.Per Thor, Psychotherapist
The course was wonderful. I found it both challenging and stimulating. It helped me to get over myself and some of my hang-ups and be able to laugh and be silly again. It helped me to come so much closer to my partner without losing myself into the bargain! The focus on knowing myself before I can truly relate on a deep way to others is a further aspect that I take from this workshop into my life. I thank you for the way you hold the space. I am normally shy and yet I felt more free to share my vulnerable moments as well as the fun things too.Marion Gibbon Public Health professional, Artist, and Mother Making Love 2007
The course was hugely positive personally and for my relationship. I had some great processes materialise and some wonderful experiences. I have done a few workshops and one ongoing group in the past, all have been brilliant and I feel grateful for all of them.In particular I had a great sense of space on this couples workshop. This allowed me to notice and work on what came up and feel that I had the time/energy/support to do that. I found this gap very nourishing.Harry Waters - Doctor

Please click to download the The Space Between Us 2016-17 Application Form 

Beyond the Honeymoon – Audio interview with Susannah and Ya’Acov about relationships

Prerequisites: No previous experience of Movement Medicine is required.

forthCOMING DATES: Waldhaus, Switzerland, August 2016 (module 1) and February 2017 (module 2)



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