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Professional Training

Only open to those who have completed all three core modules of the Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme

Core intention for training

To pass on the skills of holding space and guidance for other people to grow, develop and flourish, using the principles and practices of Movement Medicine. Our expertise is about how to teach this on the dance floor, so that will be a strong focus. However, we feel that these skills are transferable to any situation that requires movement of any kind.


  1. You want to train to teach Movement Medicine as an accredited Movement Medicine teacher or integrate Movement Medicine into your existing movement teaching.
  2. You want to take the training to become an accredited Movement Medicine Facilitator in order to be able to use the principles and practices of MM to hold space for others and apply/translate/integrate this learning in your own field of expertise and work.
  3. You wish to take the training for your own on-going study and are not sure where it’s all going to lead.
The training journeys


PRE-MODULE 1: Once accepted onto the training, we will send you tasks related to your preparation for the first module.

MODULE 1: Intensive training period. Online 4th Oct 2021 – 21st Jan 2022

BETWEEN MODULE 1 AND MODULE 2: At the end of Module 1 we will discuss your plans with each one of you. For some of you, this will involve beginning to teach depending on your previous experience. All students will be asked to complete one community service give-away project, which will need to be documented in some way. There will be four skype sessions with Staff to support you in your work. Once a month there will be skype sessions with peers for peer reflection.

MODULE 2: Intensive training period. 5 – 14 April 2022  Rill Estate

If you are intending to teach or to continue to become an accredited Movement Medicine Facilitator, your time as a Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher or Facilitator will begin from the time you begin to teach or apply the work. This period will last for a minimum of 18 months. In order to be accredited as a teacher or facilitator, you will need to:

  • be in supervision with a member of staff
  • teach or facilitate for a minimum of 120 hours
  • complete a research project of your choice relevant to your professional development as a Movement Medicine teacher or facilitator
  • be assessed at the end of your time as an apprentice teacher/facilitator
  • stay in once-a-month skype sessions with peers to give and receive support
  • adhere to the School of Movement Medicine Code of Ethics
  • have an up-to-date first aid qualification
  • assist Susannah & Ya’Acov, which is an essential component of training.
  • have taken part in at least three Long Dances

COSTS DURING STAGE 2: During this time you will need to cover the cost of your supervision, insurance, first aid training and Movement Medicine Association membership. When you assist you will need to pay for your food, accommodation and travel costs. There is a charge for the graduation process and you may need extra supervision in preparation for this.

Assuming you complete your work to a satisfactory level, you will then be accredited by the School of Movement Medicine. In order to maintain your status as an accredited teacher or facilitator of Movement Medicine, there will be some on-going requirements, such as on-going supervision, continued study on your own journey, etc.

The next teacher training will begin in 2020 and is only open to those who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme.

£2985 tuition fee plus food & accommodation
£297 deposit only returnable in the event that your application is not accepted

Payment schedule and discounts: 

After deposit there is

OR 8 monthly payments of £336 to be paid starting in May 2020

OR 1 payment of £2388 made by April 31st 2020 giving a discount of £300 on the total price.

OR 1 payment of £1269 made by April 31st 2020 and a further payment of £1195 to be made by Oct 31st 2020 giving a discount of £150

Application procedure: please downlowad and send back to the Professional Training Application Form September 2021Download


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